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Touch Screen/LCD Repair

Broken screen, Screen frozen/loss of touch, LCD dark, bleeding Crystals.

At 3/3 Nerd, we have two quality of parts for your screen replacements: Premium and Aftermarket. Our premium grade screens are plant manufactured, new screens, made according to the manufacturers specifications. Same weight, durability, and materials. Our aftermarket screens are also plant manufactured, new screens, however they may be a lighter weight, less durable alternative to those with a cost limitation. The difference between the two is similar to the Coach Bag vs. the knock off. In all cases, the screens are new and covered by our 90 day warranty on the parts, excluding labor and delivery charges (in the case of Mobile service requests).

More info about screen replacement

In screen replacement, cost should not be your determining factor. There are different quality parts. Screens come in Premuim (A+), Aftermarket (A), High Copy, Copy, B Grade, and refurbished. You should always know exactly what you are buying.  High Copy and Copy are typically new manufactured screens of a low quality. B-grade is usually a screen with a defect that may or may not be seen immediately. Such defects could appear as bruing (unnatural light or dark spots on a screen), scratches, or even bleeding crystals at some point after purchase. Refurbished is a screen that was on someone else’s phone, broken, that either the glass, lcd, or backlight had been replaced on. (Beware of refurbished screens…unless there is a clean room and some industrial equipment involved chances of unseen damage to an LCD are about 99%).  At 3/3 Nerd we only use Premium and Aftermarket Premium quality screens, and it is always the client’s before the repair starts. We also have a guaranteed price match for like quality parts with other shops local to us.

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