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Game Console Repair

Game Systems are the key to a child’s (and some adult’s) happiness.

At 3/3 Nerd, our game system repair is currently limited to certain areas, for reasons of affordability for you. We solve problems like the disc not reading, laser lens replacement, software issues, game stuck in DFU mode, some HDMI Port issues (re-flow only), power supply issues, and red/yellow ring of death issues. We work on xBox, PlayStation and Nintendo. If you are having issues, please call for a quote.

More Information About Game System Repair

Red/Yellow Ring of Death – What the game makers don’t tell you. Game System designers don’t tell you that the red/yellow ring of death is avoidable. All game systems have thermal paste between their processors and heat sinks because heat is what causes the red/yellow ring of death. Heat builds up from a system being dirty/dusty inside and from the normal erosion of effectiveness of the thermal paste. Your game system should be serviced annually to clear out all of the dust and replace the thermal paste so heat is properly dispersed while playing the game. This annual clean out can help you avoid the red/yellow ring of death and extend the life of your game system. Call today to schedule your annual service.

This year, we have repaired

xBox 60%
PlayStation 25%
Nintendo 15%

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