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Battery Replacement

Flashing Apple Logo? Battery not holding charge as long as it used to? Phone shutting down prematurely?

3/3 Nerd Cell Phone Repair offers battery diagnostics and battery replacement services for all makes and models of cell phones. Apple iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony…and more. We only use the highest quality batteries, and our replacement services start at $45.00. Most repairs are completed within an hour.

More Information About Batteries

The first generation of cell phone batteries were Nickle Cadmium batteries. They had a memory and unless you let the battery discharge completely before charging, you would find that your battery alerted you it needed to be charged pre-maturely. Fortunately, today’s batteries are Lithium-ion batteries, a much more stable technologically advanced battery. Today’s cell phone batteries no longer have a ‘memory’ so they do not have to be discharged completely before charging. However, they do have a finite number of charge cycles that only the phone and battery manufacturers know. Because of this finite number of charge cycles it is now recommended that you do not allow your battery to completely discharge before charging. You can extend the life of your battery by charging often so that you don’t use up a full charge cycle with each charge.  Although most of today’s phones and charging cords come with regulating chips that prevent overcharging, it is still recommended not letting your phone remain plugged in once it is fully charged.

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